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Track 03: It’s a Privilege to Come As You Are

This post – number three in my DIY Guide to Authentic Messaging, Brought to You by GenX and Grunge blog series – was supposed to go live on Tuesday, June 2. 

I’d written it a couple weeks earlier. A snappy, irreverent little interpretation of “Come As You Are” and its role in online authenticity. 

Reading it again now – against the ghastly global backdrop of deep-seated racism, white supremacy, and the senseless killings of George Floyd and far too many other Black men and women – is utterly embarrassing.

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Illustration of evergreen forest

Track 02: In Bloom – or, Evergreen Content in a Forest of Right Now

This is the second post in my blog series “A DIY Guide to Messaging, Brought to You by Gen X and Grunge.” The first post is Track 1: Smells Like Teen Spirit – or, How to Reignite Messaging That Matters.

The first thing that struck me about Seattle when I arrived in the late 90s was the endless blanket of evergreen trees. 

No matter what corner of the city I inhabited – the International District, Lower Queen Anne, or finally, around the corner from the Cha Cha Lounge in Capitol Hill – there they were. Those looming wooden pillars with their lush green needles, heavy with dampness and age. Read More