About Oskar + Klaus

Oskar and Klaus are a delightful special-needs feline duo who have captured the hearts of nearly 650,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and have over 11 million views on YouTube.  

While Oskar, born blind, and Klaus, who suffered permanent physical injuries from his early life as a stray, are considered viral "internet animal sensations," their mission goes beyond merely entertaining fans. They also work to raise awareness and assist the visually impaired human community -- especially children -- and act as advocates for special needs pet adoption throughout the world. 


Mick Szydlowski, Oskar and Klaus’s owner, and writer Travis Bossard authored two children’s books featuring the adventures of Oskar and Klaus: The Search for Bigfoot and Mission to Cataria, published in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Both books sought to demonstrate how a successful, happy life can be achieved even in the face of serious adversity. They hoped Oskar's story would inspire thousands of children with the knowledge that they can live the life they want; blindness is not what holds one back.

Mick and Travis needed a savvy copyeditor and content strategist experienced in communications and outreach in the social enterprise / nonprofit sector. They wanted an editor who was well-versed in meaningful storytelling to ensure the books would have a lasting impact on readers, both young and old. 

They also needed strong promotional copy that would inspire Oskar and Klaus's target audiences to donate via Kickstarter for the books' eventual publication and distribution. 


In addition to copyediting both The Search for Bigfoot and Mission to Cataria, I wrote copy to promote the books on social media and provided strategy for the books’ press releases and community outreach with nonprofits, children’s book publishers and charitable organizations.

Both books generated funding that exceeded their Kickstarter goals. The Search for Bigfoot received pledges more than five times the initial $10,000 goal, and Mission to Cataria raised 50% more than its original goal of $20,000.

Since their initial release, the books have been published in Braille and audiobook formats and have been awarded the prestigious Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award by the National Federation of the Blind. Mission to Cataria, which features Oskar and Klaus in outer space, was one of only a handful of children's books that has ever been sent to the International Space Station as a part of "Story Time from Space," a fantastic project made possible by the nonprofit education foundation, Global Space Education Foundation.