Helping Visceral Write A Book To Celebrate Their 10-Year Journey

About Visceral

Visceral is a San Diego-based digital agency that crafts brands and experiences for the world’s leading causes.

They have helped over 100 prominent humanitarian organizations, conservationists, advocacy groups, educators and social enterprises tackle the world’s toughest challenges.

Visceral’s state-of-the-art websites, branding and communications strategies have dramatically helped these groups increase donations, raise awareness and create impact.


In 2016, Visceral co-founders Matthew Billingsley and Jay Buys wanted to write a book that would commemorate the company’s decade-long legacy of success through the agency’s core value of “being good at what you do and doing something good.”

The book would also be used as a marketing tool to continue to grow their high-profile client base.

They needed an expert writer who could frame their story in a compelling and accessible manner and also guide them through the many steps involved with writing a book: determining theme, structure, researching, outlining and conducting in-depth interviews.


Visceral relied on my expert knowledge of the social enterprise sector, as well as my strong storytelling ability, to ghostwrite their book Repurpose: Be Good At What You Do, And Do Something Good.

The entire 100-page project was completed in just under ten months, including writing, revisions, publishing and marketing.

Repurpose, released in October 2016 on Amazon, now serves as an integral part of Visceral’s marketing assets and has earned them a number of featured articles in both online and print publications, increased revenue and new clientele.