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Once more,
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Once more,
with feeling*


Learn more about the kind of work I do, my process, and how we can team up to do some very cool stuff together.

Brand Messaging Strategy

You’ve tweaked your web copy and messaging points over and over. But no matter what you do, it always feels “off.” Or generic. Or just, ugh. 

Brand Messaging Strategy stops this exhausting cycle. It lays down the messaging framework that gets you super clear on what you do, the problem you solve, and why you do it best so that people care. I’ll develop a Brand Messaging Guide that serves as your brand’s “north star” for all communications. 

This highly adaptable handbook includes:

  • A clear idea of your “why”—Mission, vision, core values, and brand pillars  
  • A custom, cohesive messaging strategy aligned with your website communications goals
  • Key messaging points to be used in all your communications
  • Brand personality, voice, and tone
  • Maps key talking points to target audiences + describes best ways to communicate with each

Information Architecture (IA)

Information Architecture (IA) is possibly the least glamorous-sounding phase of website development. I’d argue it’s also the most crucial for your site’s success.

IA makes sure the right people can easily get the right information at the right time. In other words, IA leads to amazing User Experience (UX).

To some in our industry, IA simply means creating a site map based on projects of similar size, scope, or sector.

To others like me, IA involves so much more. It means taking a personalized, data-driven, deep dive into your existing site to determine what information is missing, what’s most vital, what needs to go where, and why. It’s not just checking a box. It’s building the box.

My IA services include:

  • Website Content Audit (Technical & Strategic)
  • IA/UX Key Findings & Recommendations Plan
  • Site Map Development
  • High-Level Content Outline for Wireframes/Site Design

Content Strategy + Website Copywriting 

You need high-quality content that’s clear, actionable, and gets through to people. If only it were that easy to do on your own.

Writing (effectively) for the web is difficult. It’s unlike any other writing style out there.

Website copy that makes people actually care about what you do and say has a ton of moving parts. It is a nuanced balancing act of tone, voice, personality, sentence structure, readability, word count, emotion, logic, human-sounding language, UX, audience segmentation, SEO, and more. I offer:

  • Content strategy—In-depth guidelines and tools aligned with your brand’s content goals to help your in-house team create copy that lands
  • Website copywriting—Words that breathe life into your mission and give clarity to your work, no matter how intricate the subject matter may be

I hired Sarah to help me craft a solid messaging strategy for my business. I had gone in so many different directions with my content that I felt lost. Sarah is so clear and concise. She really helped me narrow down my focus, home in on the needs of my target audience, and talk effectively about my work and why I do it. Sarah is very organized, and she really knows how to get results for her clients by clarifying their content and purpose. She’s amazing!

Erin Finkelstein
Founder + Owner, Sound Music Services

Sarah masterly combines the technical side of the writing craft with a natural, elegant style. She was a vital member of the “Mission to Cataria” team, and the result is one of the first children’s books to be read to classrooms from orbit aboard the International Space Station!

Mick Szydlowski & Travis Bossard
Award-Winning Children’s Authors