Staying Relevant: Making an Impact With Your Messaging Even in Times of Crisis

You give a damn about making the world a better place. That’s why you’re a purpose-driven organization that works hard to spread the word about how you make a real, positive impact in your clients’ lives.

And you know it’s especially important to share that message right now – during this turbulent time of crisis unlike anything we’ve witnessed before.

But you’re seriously worried about how you’ll accomplish this. You’re already unhappy with your current website messaging. You’ve been struggling to tell your story effectively for a long time.

It’s not like you haven’t tried! You’ve spent way too many hours tweaking and rewriting things, but it’s still not right. Something always feels off, no matter what. You just can’t seem to say what you want to say.

You know it’s a big problem. Your website isn’t getting as many visitors as you want. Or, they leave soon after they arrive without taking any action. You’re scared that if you don’t fix your messaging, you won’t make enough money to keep your mission going long-term.

Now you’re even more stressed because the reality is, the fallout of the pandemic will likely rock the world for months – if not years. How are you going to stay relevant and get people to pay attention to your mission in this new, uncertain era?

Can’t someone just tell you exactly what’s wrong with your website messaging, and how to fix it, so you can grow your organization and stay relevant?

What if there was a way you could finally get to the bottom of why you’re unhappy with your website content – once and for all?

A way that doesn’t leave you overwhelmed and exhausted, so that you have the energy to focus on spreading your mission and making a real difference?

Imagine being super excited about people visiting your website, and feeling confident that they’ll be immediately drawn to the work you do.

You have more time to dedicate to all the other necessary aspects of growing your mission, as well as your client or donor base. For the first time in forever, you feel like you’re making real headway at work.

Imagine feeling like you’re in control of your organization again. You’re optimistic about your brand’s success – even with an uncertain future ahead – because you now understand how to use your messaging to connect with your audience and stay relevant, no matter what.

How would it feel to:

  • Know precisely what pieces of your website messaging need help and why?
  • Have a set of clear, actionable next steps on how to fix those areas right away?
  • Know that the exact message and sentiment you’re trying to deliver to clients or donors is actually getting across to them?
  • Have prospective clients or donors want to hire you or support your cause as soon as they land on your website?
  • Be assured that your organization can stay relevant and continue to make an impact, even in times of crisis?

This CAN be your reality… and I can help!

I’m a messaging strategist and copywriter who helps purpose-driven brands like you say exactly what they want to say so that their audience is stoked to take action, and their mission makes a bigger impact – even in chaotic, unpredictable times.

After completing “Staying Relevant: Making an Impact With Your Messaging Even in Times of Crisis,” you’ll:

  • Have a real idea of what’s “off” with your website messaging and how to fix it right away
  • See more website traffic, and get those visitors engaged and taking action quickly
  • Feel more confident about your brand staying relevant, even in a turbulent future, so that you continue to be successful long-term

“Staying Relevant: Making an Impact With Your Messaging Even in Times of Crisis” includes:

1. Pinpoint Your Purpose Questionnaire

In this kick-off questionnaire, you’ll answer some simple questions about your purpose-driven organization to help identify what your biggest website messaging struggles are. Giving me a current summary of who you are and getting clear on your real frustrations before we talk will help us make the most of our time together.

2. Discuss the Details Strategy Session

In this 30-minute phone session, we’ll dive into your questionnaire answers together and discuss your biggest messaging barriers to date. We’ll talk about what you can expect from my messaging audit of your website, the results you’ll get, and how to implement those recommendations right away. You’ll feel more confident and excited about getting your message across to your audience.

3. On Track to Impact Website Messaging Audit

You’ll receive a complete audit of your website messaging, delivered in a super-clear Video Message, that lays out the top content-related elements your website needs to get your audiences engaged and stoked to take action. I’ll let you know which areas you’re doing great in, and which ones need improvement. For the places that need help, I’ll clearly explain why and also provide the specific action and steps you need to take to fix them now. No more wondering what’s wrong, why, or how to even begin solving the problem!

4. Final Follow-Up

After you receive your completed Website Messaging Audit, we’ll have a 30-minute check-in to see where you are and make sure you have a clear understanding about what your next steps should be. You’ll have the chance to ask me any follow-up questions about your audit recommendations so that you feel fully confident to move forward with your messaging action plan.

After our work together, you’ll have a clear, prioritized set of steps in place to get your messaging to say exactly what you want to say. You can feel confident that your mission will continue to grow and succeed!

Investment: $149

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Step 3: After you’ve returned your completed questionnaire to me, I’ll send you confirmation of receipt with a link to schedule your first 30-minute call for our strategy session.

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